Shadows of Time

The colourful light that streams through space and gently rests on the body vanishes into the void.
The shadows of restless time fall on the ever-veiled vision of the future.

In her photography, Lilli Minhoff wants to portray a diverse idea of beauty instead of the toxic, monotone, cis, white, young, and skinny Beauty standard mainly represented in Media, driving people to be unhappy with themselves and thus buy products to compensate for that. As hardly anyone can match the unrealistic beauty ideal set by media.

Being born in a female body, Minhoff is discriminated and sexualized for her entire life.
She is lucky enough to live in Berlin in 2021 with more rights than women ever had before due to the feminists that have fought for it in the past years. Even right now, in other countries in this world, women are not as free as in Germany. Yet even here, the female body is still heavily sexualized, which she believes is due to the rare exposure, and if so, mainly in a sexual context. Freedom should not be a privilege being born in the right time, place, and body. Rape and Harassment are often justified with what a person is wearing.

The biologically female breast is censored; therefore, Minhoff tries to normalize it by presenting it equally with a male breast in a non-sexual context. Even non-binary people born in a female body face the same or worse issues even though they don't identify with this gender. We are the only species that is ashamed of nudity. We seem to be so far away from our nature that we can't accept seeing our bodies and beyond that judging it for not looking like the beauty ideal constructed by media even when it functions perfectly fine, providing a home for one's soul.

Her series "Shadows of Time" studies bodies, focus, and time. What you see depends entirely on the light in which you view it, so you can perceive the present moment as you wish by setting your focus. Often we are biased by our experiences and miss the whole picture. Time is unstoppable. The past is blurry and no longer perceived with absolute clarity. The void background of the scene symbolizes the unknownness of the future. As it is blank, it leaves the space for one filled with tolerance and love. Let's work for it.

The Models are Fritz Zelmer, Marshall Morton, Jakub Michalowski, Jeremias BoltenEily Thams, Rhiannon Thayer, and Patricia Blanco.

Featured in



First EMIK Exhibition in Berlin 21-22.08.2021

Organized by Darius Schulpig

Berlin Photo Week 2022